Trip to “The Mills”


Since we recently moved to  Canlubang, Laguna, I was on the look out for places to visit where me and my family can have fun and make good memories for my kids to remember by. As we were on one of our road trips to familiarize ourselves in this new “Hometown”, we accidentally took a wrong turn and ended up in front of the gate of The Mills Country Club. This Country club is located at Unity Avenue,Carmeltown,Canlubang Laguna just beside San Sebastian College Laguna, and at the heart of Carmelray Industrial park.

The Place was pretty intimidating at first for since it is a country club. You would think that it would cost a lot to experience the amenities as a quest. But surprisingly, it was surprisingly affordable. As we enter the lobby, a warm and friendly reception greeted us. Offered us the Gazebo which is located at the center of the pool area where you can see almost the entire place including the scenic view of Mt. Makiling.


My kids jumped for joy and was so excited to dive into the pool and told me, “Mommy, I like it here let’s go back here.” We have not left the place yet.ImageImage

Beside the pool there were two sand areas where the kids played and get to feel as if they were on the beach. My son Yñigo even ask her older sister Tanya to bury him under the white sand and take a picture of them.

Lunch time came and we decided to order food on their Menu. We ordered Chicken fingers with Honey Mustard dip, Grilled Ham and Cheese with chips, white Rice and all time favorite Bihon Gisado or Simply Pancit Bihon. Food was affordable and extremely good to the palate. My daughter Tanya knowing how picky she is said, “ Mom, the chicken finger is good and I can finish the whole batch!” It’s very rare that we would not have trouble choosing on the menu and order food that my kids would love, and this is one of that time where we did not have to force them to eat.


After eating, my husband fell asleep (probably because of the quietness of the place, the fresh air and  very relaxing mood) and the kids went back to the pool, I decided to go to the Shower room so I can take a dip. I was awed by the shower area where upon opening the door I saw the Sauna, the Jacuzzi, the Shower cubicles and the locker rooms. The Locker room was big and cozy and the long comfy chair was even inviting of a good nap.


Overall, our stay at “The Mills Country Club” was relaxing, fun, memorable and we certainly look forward to going back and bring friends and family over. I rate it 4 stars and would definitely suggest it to people I know.



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