Candy Crush what a rush!

Candy Crush — a game millions of Facebook users are so “addicted” in playing. A game I also play. My husband use to ask me “why do you play that game?”, What’s in this game? why are people so hooked with this game? Why people are talking about this game?


On my personal opinion, probably because it’s candy! Who’s not into candies? who’s not addicted to candies? But seriously, I think it’s the feeling of getting it done when you finish a level with a difficult goal. That’s what makes the game exciting and fun. It’s the feeling of achievement, the feeling that you did it better than the others, the feeling that you have something to brag “what level are you in?” and Plus the fact that people will be moving up and you will be left behind if you stop playing.

In this game you are only given maximum of 5 lives and you can only gain a life every 25 minutes or by asking from your friends. The game is divided into episode were you need to earn 3 tickets from your friends to pass through a certain episode. This game builds friendship. It brings out a helping hand when you’re in need of a life or a ticket to keep moving on with the game. It feels good that people are helping you out and feels even better that you were able to help a friend pass an episode.


This game is kinda like “Life”. You need to keep moving, you need to find ways or a better strategy on how you can pass a difficult situation and sometimes you need your friend’s help to surpass a failed relationship or borrow money because you’re broke. Your job is to pay it forward. To give back what you have been given. To me, that’s what makes this game interesting. It connects you with people you seldom see. It gives you something to talk about. It makes you think. It makes you pause for a while and see what ‘s your best move.

Enjoy Life 🙂 and keep playing the game of your life. Good luck!


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