My Reason to Smile


The moment I laid eyes on you,
you became my reason to smile.

Your touch,

Your kisses makes my heart jump and fly.

No matter how busy and excruciating my day is,

Just to be around you is enough to alleviate my agony.

It’s how you hold my hand,

and the way you touch my cheeks

makes all my anxiety disappears.

You’re my reason for living,

The food that gives me energy to last the day.

You’re the air that I breathe

and the water that brings glow to my skin.

I never regret having you in my life

for you made my life complete.

You’re my inspiration to live longer

and do better each day.

For it is but right

to give you the best of everything.

Because you are my reason to smile

and my reason for living.


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