“Me” is what Matters

“Life is so much better when you stop caring about what everyone thinks, and start to actually live for yourself.”

People will say whatever they want, without thinking if it will hurt you or not. So why bother thinking about what they say? The only thing you should be thinking about is yourself, how you feel.

As long as you are not doing anything to deliberately hurt anyone, then you’re going the right way. Do whatever makes you happy…follow your dreams. Nothing can guarantee that it will be a smooth ride, but at least you’re onΒ to that dream you’ve been longing to accomplish. A dream long overdue, a gift that’s been waiting for you for the longest time. It’s just worth one stretch of an arm, One big step…Go for it! Deflect all the negativity around you and jump on whatever makes your heart sing. You deserve it! Like everybody else does.

All you need is a little courage to take that one big step and you’re there. One stretch of an arm and you will be holding your dream. Go grab it! Before someone else does.


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