Cassava cake and Cassava cups

Sometimes, rain brings something good. Like this big Cassava root crop from my generous neighbor. The tree was literally pulled out by the joint effort of the wind and the deluge rain. So our neighbor had no choice but to harvest them. I was surprise how a single tree can produce such large and many root crops, he had to give away most of it to our neighbors. I only took one for it was so big, I didn’t think we can consume it.


I was thinking what to do with it since it’s so big, It’s too much for just one recipe. So I decided to make a Cassava cake,


three batches of Cassava cups, which my kids loved,


while my husband request the half of it to be boiled.


He likes it plain and simple like the way we used to eat it when we were kids. Boiled and dipped in sugar.

I still made so many Cassava cups so I decided to give some back to my neighbors.

It’s really heart warming how Filipinos help each other. One generous gesture can go along way.


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