It’s Time! #MillionPeopleMarch

I’ve been wanting to post my personal out burst on “Pork Barrel” ever since the issue with “Napoles” started but it is too stressing for me that I avoided tackling this issue. But I think it’s about time that I should. In line with the mass protest scheduled tomorrow, August 26, I am publishing my sentiments.

It is so unfair for every Filipinos what Napoles has done. 10 Billion Pesos of hard-earned money is not a joke and it’s too much to ignore. It’s a slap on every hard-working Filipino’s face that these amount of money was wasted and extravagantly spent on luxurious things like cars, houses, clothes, expensive bags and branded shoes, theme parties and travels around the world.

While most of us are working very hard to make ends meet, these people is spending our money like they own the world.

The current population of the Philippines is over a 100 Million. If you divide 10 Billion Pesos to the total population of our country and gave it to the people, every Filipino will be 100 million Pesos richer! There will be no squatters, no street children, no beggars and every Filipino will have food on their table to feast on. But instead these greedy and conscienceless individuals took our money and splurge.

You take away so much taxes on our salary, on the food that we eat and almost everything that we use. For what?  For NGO’s to spend it?

Politicians should properly account their Pork Barrel. We demand transparency! Filipinos deserved to know how our taxes are being spent. Abolish Pork barrel! Create a new government body that will handle the release of these funds so it would be easier to account. Delegate trustworthy individuals.

Filipinos are intelligent people. Use this gift to empower each other. We should be helping each other to lift our country rather than ripping off each other’s pockets.


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