Friend is an overly used word.

A word everyone has their own definition of.

For me, this word is simple.


A Friend is someone who dares to discover the real you,

and accept the fact that both of you are distinct.

A person that knows he/she does not need to agree with you

and respect your diversity.

Someone who is ready to face the wrath of your anger,

and is willing to slap your face when it’s enough.

A person who is not afraid to tell you, “You’re wrong!”

and recognize that you make your own choices.

Someone who will be happy to see you succeed

and is prepared to dive for you if  you’re drowning.

A person who will walk beside you and hold your hand

when everybody seem to throw stones at you.

Someone who will not judge you based on what you said

but will appreciate what you meant.

A person who will understand your intention

and will not prejudge your actions.

Someone who will not ask for an explanation

but will be willing to listen if you have one.

A person who will argue with you countless times

but continues to discern your opinion.

A Friend is a responsibility,

A duty,

A promise to another person

to understand without prejudice,

And love without boundaries.


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