10 Things Every Marriage Needs


10 Things Every Marriage Needs

  1. Open Communication—Marriage is sometimes difficult – don’t compound it by keeping secrets. Tell each other everything and your relationship will show the results.
  2. Teamwork—Working together is a part of any successful marriage. However you need to, carry the load equally.
  3. Focus on Spirituality—Stay focused on what matters by praying, studying, and learning together.
  4. The Same Goals—While you may have different interests, you need the same goals. Kids? Where you want to live? How much you want to travel? This is where you need to be on the same page.
  5. A Clean Home—It is undeniable that having a nice place to spend your time will increase happiness and keep your relationship strong. Work together to keep your place nice and it will ease your stress!
  6. Budgeting—One of the biggest mistakes couples can make is not keeping up with their money. Budget together and keep the power out of just one person’s hands, and money won’t stress you out!
  7. Time Alone—While it’s always fun together, taking a little time alone can make your time together that much sweeter.
  8. Sex— Physical intimacy is an important part of any marital relationship. Be on the same page about it, but always keep the passion alive
  9. Others—Having good friendships and good relationships with family is essential for a good marriage. They can give you fun times, good advice, and a lot to think about.
  10. Love—The most important ingredient in any marriage is simple – love. If you love each other selflessly everything else will fall into place.

Reference: http://www.beliefnet.com



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