It’s the Moment when your belly starts to grow bigger,

and you feel nauseated with almOst everything that you used to adore smelling.

It’s the frequent trips to the baThroom to urinate,

and tHe constant craving for food you don’t usually eat.

It’s the monthly visit to your OB GYNE,

to check if you gained weight.

It’s the little kicks,

that huRts so much.

It’s that first glimpse of tHis wonderful creation,

that bring tears tO your eyes.

it’s the tOuch on your cheeks from this little hands,

that says a lot, even worDs can’t articulate.

It’s the realization that you are now a MOTHER,

which God has entrusted this little one

to love and to care

to nurture and to mold

to guide and to protect

to make sure that this fragile new born

will be able to subsist his/her own journey of LIFE.


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