An open Letter to My Ma

September 6, 1948 is that date the Lord has created a wonderful creature. Who would have thought that she will be able to produce 4 beautiful children 🙂 I’m talking about my Ma. Today is her birthday and I would like to let her know how thankful I am that she is our mother. She has always been patient with us. She allowed as to grow in our own way through her guidance. She cared for us selflessly. She’s the type that would sacrifice not eating a meal just to give us what we need or what we want. She may have frequently berate us for not doing what we are supposed to do, but she always respected that we are 4 different individuals trying to discover ourselves and striving to make our own mark. We may have given her a hard time being our Ma, but up until now we are still trying to make her proud in everything we do.

We are who we are because of our Ma and Pa. They always taught us to be kind, respectful and always be fair to people regardless of their stature. Never to start a fight, but be prepared to defend what we believe is right and just. We may not have the luxury of life when we were growing up, but they made sure that we had a happy childhood. They taught us to be simple and practical. Live by our means. Be happy and contented of what we have.

Now that I am a Mom, I realized how hard it is to be one.  I try to be the best like she always has been for us. But I guess I will never measure up to what she has accomplished and still trying to achieve. At her age, she still manages to be there anytime we need her. For Pa, and every single one of us.

Ma, we may have given you heartaches, disappointments and shame. But my sisters and I, will always love and cherish you. We appreciated everything you did for us. Including the ice cream walks and talks we had going home from school. Our me and you time, were you would by me shoes for school and new clothes for Christmas time. The way you take care of us when we’re sick. And wait for us ’til wee hours in the morning. The kisses and embraces. The scolding and nagging. I wish we will be given more time with you. So your grand-kids  will get to experience your love and care. We Adore you Ma, Happy Birthday! I’ll be seeing you soon…



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