Kanin Club at Paseo de Sta. Rosa


I’ve always been intrigued by this Restaurant until we finally visited their outlet in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. I was excited as to how their food would taste like. Since we brought our kids along, we ordered their Adobo Combo for it is our family’s favorite. We also ordered Chicken Curry, Crispy Liempo, a bowl of their Loaded Fried Rice2 plain rice and 4 glasses of Bottomless Iced Tea.

chicken curry chicken-pork-adobo-adding KL


My husband and I were surprise on how large the serving was and to my calculation we couldn’t consume all of it. And I was right. We were so eager to taste everything so we started eating as soon as everything was served. I took a dip on their Adobo and to my surprise, it was an Adobo I never tasted before. Though it tastes good, it’s kind a different from the Adobo that I am used to eating 😦 it’s a little salty for me. The vinegar and the soy sauce didn’t marry. You can taste them both but in a very odd way. Unfortunately, my kids didn’t like the Adobo too. The Chicken Curry was good and I loved it. The Crispy Liempo wasn’t that crispy :(. The Loaded Fried Rice was surely loaded with lots of things which I enjoyed. You can even eat the Rice just by itself. Prices of their products were reasonably priced since they do have large servings that we even got to take home some of it. The ambiance was nice, it’s like a modern and sophisticated Carinderia type feeling. The service was good. Staffs were friendly and very attentive to their customers needs.

I’d give Kanin Club 3 stars for the single reason that I didn’t fell in love with their Adobo. But I would surely go back to try out more items on their Menu. I do hope that when we come back, they would give me plenty of reason to visit them more often.

To get a glimpse of their Resto visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kanin-Club/9931121198


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