L♥ving what you do…


We have a lot of things to do on this life time.

From the moment we wake up,

‘Til our time of slumber.

We even plan our chores for the next day,

before saying goodbye to today.

But out of all these things that we do,

which one comes from the heart?

When do we say “I love what I do

or should it be “I do what I love“?

As for me,

I’d say “I Love what I do!”

I don’t go out of my way,

Just to look for that one thing that I would love doing.

I’d do anything time permits me to do,

And I’ll learn to fall in love with it.

They say: “You only live once

So why the heck will you waste your time,

Looking for that something that you have no idea of.

I’d say go and try out new things,

And when you’re on the verge of doing it,

Try to commit to it.

Make yourself open to loving it.

Who knows,

This must be something that will make you say…

I Love what I do!” 🙂


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