I had you on my Birthday

Baby Tanya

I had you on my birthday.

We didn’t plan it nor

we didn’t pray for it,

But I guess God gave me more reason to commemorate the day I was born.


You were a pretty awesome gift.

A gift, I will forever be thankful for.

I named you Nathania Ysabella for two simple reasons,

Nathania  is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “God has given”.

Isabella is your father’s chosen name,

it too has a Hebrew origin. It means ‘God is my oath.’

I changed the “I” to “Y” to make it a little bit different since this name is very prevalent.

A few months after your name “Ysabella” became a TV series.


You gave us so much joy,

You brought meaning to our lives.

And continue to inspired us to do better as a person,

and as a couple.

2013-04-14 19.07.152013-02-23 08.18.542013-08-01 14.06.41

We cannot promise you all the luxury in life,

But we will assure you that we will have lots of fun

building your dreams .

We will allow you to spread your wings

and prepare you for your future.

Shower you with all our Love

to strengthen you in facing life’s challenges.


I Love you with all my heart.

You are God’s greatest gift to me,

my Lovely Oath to God

and the reason for me to celebrate my life.

Happy Birthday my Dear!


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