I’ve been hiding behind a mask,

A mask of aloofness.

I’m afraid people to see me,

because they would never dare to like me.

Are you trying to know me?

Or did you prefer to believe what they say about me ?

I will never take off this mask.

Behind this, I’m stronger.

I’m Bigger!

 I can be who I want to be.

Without this, I’m feeble.

I’m a schmuck!

I’m a worthless bitch.

That’s how they see me.

Well, that’s how they want me to be.

But with the help of this Mask,

I can fight back!

I can be a fearless Dragon,

Ready to breathe fire.

Remove all my inhibitions,

And explore the world without  dread.

Make the impossible feasible,

and to cry without anyone knowing.

Behind this Mask I’ll stay,

Forever hopeful that someday

People will realize,

That me and my Mask are one and the same.



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