How to Remove the Clutter in Your Life


Clutter— by definition is a collection of things lying about in an untidy state.

Like a Room, our life can be filled with clutter.

So, how do we Remove this clutter in our lives?

One, distinguish or identify those things that should be considered as clutter.

Like: Loathing, Envy, and Jealousy

These are things that you don’t need or is not essential but is present in our life.

Two, once you have identified these things, start from a clean slate.

Like cleaning your Room,

Remove and get rid of everything including the ones that you value most.

By doing this, you can discern what are vital in your life.

Three, once everything’s cleared,

Start picking up the pieces that you think will help you regain the things that you have lost.

Things that you value, things that are critical for you to move on…

Like: People you love most, events that you treasure

Four, Once you picked up everything

put them in the right places.

Prioritize them. From the most important to the least.

Five, when everything is in place

continue living, continue your life.

By doing this, you can move freely.

Do things you’ve been longing to do without anything blocking your way.

Go anywhere, experience anything and travel light in the Journey of life.

because you do not have any excess baggage.

You just have the right amount of love and ammunition to fight your way through life.

The right people on your back to help you and inspire you to move on.

Because life is a wonderful Journey, we must travel through with the right people.

Live…Learn…Laugh and Love Life 🙂


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