Investing on Wonderful Memories…

US3 (2)

Invest— to provide or endow someone or something with.

As they say…we only live once,

We need to go out there and live our lives to the fullest.

Don’t let anything or anyone destroy  even a single minute of your life

by dwelling on how they would want you to live your life.

Boat ride2

Every minute is of great value

And we must not waste it musing on the past.

What’s done is done

Tomorrow’s a new day to start with.

Invest on today.

Make good and wonderful memories that would last a life time.

Going on a 30 Pesos boat right may be cheap in value,

But in the eyes of a child, it’s a treasure that they will always remember.


Like education,

Building wonderful memories are like keeping precious gems in a treasure box

Sealed and fused through time.

These are riches that other people cannot purloin.

The money you spent on one trip to the beach

Is not as imperative as the joy you see on their faces.

The amount of money you exhausted

Could not measure up to the echoing sound of their laughter.

Boat Ride

As for me:

I intent to invest wonderful and meaningful memories on my children’s childhood

As my parents did to mine.

I will not be here forever,

But my memories with them will.

I love my kids dearly,

And I will not waste a second making them magnificent memories

that they will  tearfully tell stories about.

I’m investing them today so my children can accrue them tomorrow.


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