December is here…


December is here,

The count down begins.

For Christmas is fast approaching.

Everyone’s getting ready

with their gifts and presents to give.

Traffic is heavy as hell,

Though it brings a different cheer.

Malls are topped up

And stores are filled to the brim.

But still it gives a warm feeling.

Christmas songs everywhere

Cool breeze fill the air.

Carols warm our hearts

with songs that remind us of our childhood.

For whatever hardships we may have been through,

One thing is definite.

The season of to be Happy is near,

And we look forward to a brighter new year.

Because it is Hope that keeps us going.

Hope that makes us move forward.

As long as we have each other,

Holding hands makes us stronger.

Christmas is not about gifts you give

just because you are required to.

It’s the gifts you freely give

Because you want to make the other person happy.

Christmas is about making other people happy.

And not expecting anything in return.

So let’s spread love,

and accept love.

And look forward to happy new beginning.


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